Personal Experience

Independent Consultant // Jan 2017 to Present

Computer Technician at Small Business Companies

Perform onsite computer hardware and software maintenance for small businesses in the healthcare, real estate, and marketing industries. Services include network configuration, hardware repairs, software patches, security development, and updates/upgrades. Companies I worked with include:

Shinning Star Therapy | Plainfield, IL

Worked with an Apple iMac ensuring configuration was correct. Run diagnostics to fix a slow running system and made sure system was up-to-date to the latest software updates. Configured a cloud-based service using Google Workspace on the host machines.

Lumina Health Partners | Chicago, IL

Performed a network configuration on a cable modem/router and ensured all settings were secure and working properly. Secured and maintained Windows 10 software to the latest update and served when needed.

Nelly Group, LLC | Frankfort, IL

Worked with a MacBook Pro and ensured settings were correct and the system was secure with the latest macOS updates. Performed a physical network connection using ethernet cabling, in a home office environment utilizing a cable modem/router.

Family Health Center of Plainfield | Plainfield, IL

Ensured multiple Windows 10 desktop computers were secure with the latest software updates. Repaired and upgraded a slow-running desktop by cleaning it, re-installing components, and installing Windows 10. Recently, I have been working on developing a new website for Dr. Farah Turks Practice located in Plainfield, IL. I just developed a brand new website for the Family Health Center of Plainfield, you can visit the website at

C Edwards Real Estate | Plainfield, IL

Assisted with creating new user accounts and installed OneDrive as the main cloud service on the desktop, backed up information periodically, and ensured all devices had the latest security updates.

Additional Employment

The Alley Grill and Tap House | Mokena, IL // August 2019 to Present

Restaurant Food Runner and Server

Assist guests with food and beverage orders and input orders into a Point-of-Sale system. Ensure optimal guest experience. I am also The Alley Grill and Tap House's graphic designer for flyers for advertisements for Bowling Leagues and Bar events that they would like to advertise throughout the resturant and through their Facebook Page. View the showcase of Flyers that I created HERE.

Family Health Center of Plainfield | Plainfield, IL // September 2021 to Present

As an IT Manager I am responsible for the hardware and software that allows a business to function. I am responsible for selecting the hardware and software, overseeing updates and system testing and creating and updating training materials for all staff in the office on how to use the technology on a day-to-day basis. Implement new security features throughout the year to ensure proper security is in place.

Target Corporation | New Lenox, IL // November 2021 to Present

Target Tech Consultant. Have product knowledge, share personalized suggestions and solutions through active selling and product demos making the Electronics experience easy and rewarding for guests. It is my priority to put the guests first. I am there for the guests and with evey purchase I put a smile on every guest's face.